Are electronic cigarettes cost effective?

As they are facing the price growth of regular cigarettes and tobacco, numerous smokers have started looking for an alternative. Many of them have found electronic cigarettes to be the solution they were looking for.
Electronic cigarettes are the device which looks a lot like regular real cigarette, but it creates steam that looks like tobacco smoke.
There are all kinds of e-cigarettes, from those who look like regular cigars to ones who are somewhat bigger and different looking. The difference is that bigger electronic cigarettes have batteries of higher capacity and more e liquid charges, which allows them to last much longer, while the smaller sized electronic cigarettes that look like regular ones are much more practical.

Some of the manufacturers are calling them electric nicotine inhalers in order to avoid negative context with the use of the word cigarette. The reason being is that the e-cigarette doesn’t create regular smoke, but it releases steam that has been inhaled.

The second reason is that actually isn’t a cigarette, but the device which by heating the liquid creates steam, which may or may not contain nicotine.
Electronic Cigarette Components
E-cigarettes are composed out of the three main parts: the rechargeable battery, the sprinkler which creates heat and steams the e-liquid and form of a reservoir which is filled with liquid which contains desired amount of nicotine.
The market offers liquids up to 36 milligrams of nicotine per one milliliter, but there are also liquids that don’t contain nicotine at all.
Except nicotine, the liquid contains organic ingredient called propylene glycol or herbal glycerol which boosts up the creation of steam.
The manufacturers point out that the herbal glycerol is good for people who are allergic to propylene glycol and they claim that it also creates more vapor.
The e-liquids can hold different flavors. Some of them are tobacco flavored, then there are fruit flavored ones like apple, banana, peach and strawberry, and there are the ones with flavors of coffee, vanilla, chocolate, menthol and even red bull.

The advantages of the electronic cigarette

Numerous smokers have started buying this type of cigarette when the ban for smoking in public spaces has been set.
Except you can smoke electronic cigarette anytime, anywhere some of the other advantages are:

– It costs less than the regular cigarette
– It doesn’t create regular smoke, only steam
– There is no real burning process occurring, so there is no ash
– According to the user experiences, it doesn’t leave a person with a tobacco breath
– Your fingers will no longer be yellow
– It doesn’t require a lighter
– There aren’t any cigarette butts that can cause fire
Being affordable isn’t everything: Are electronic cigarettes bad for your health?
The manufacturers of the electronic cigarette are marketing it like a healthier alternative to a regular cigarette. They are justifying that claim by saying that while smoking electronic cigarette there isn’t such thing as passive smoking, and they are saying that the electronic cigarettes don’t have four thousand chemical and cancerous substances which are usually put in the regular tobacco cigarettes.
Although, is that really true? We decided to ask some of the medical experts around the globe, and Western Europe to find out more.
We found out that the consequences for your health after smoking electronic cigarettes are still unknown. The possible benefits and possible consequences of their use are still main part of discussion and disagreement between different health organization and scientists. Controlled studies of the electronic cigarettes are rare, because they have just recently reached bigger markets.
Electronic cigarette is mostly used by smokers as a way to help them while they are trying to quit smoking. World Health Organization has a stand which notes that electronic cigarettes still has to pass thorough scientific tests and studies in order for its effects to be determined. This will also allow the different questions about its advantages to be answered because nicotine which is present in the electronic cigarette is certainly harmful to a person’s health.

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